Album: Live From District 3 (2017)

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Song: Right Mind ft. Bruno Trizz, Boogie Bawse (produced by Jet Bl...

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Beanstock is a Hip Hop collective hailing primarily from the Dorchester area of Boston, MA and a movement of emcees, singers, songwriters and producers who come together under one umbrella with the intentions of making great music and taking some "stock" in "The Bean". DJay $prigg$ and Keet Kolbang along with Mr Shoosh, Bruno Trizz, Big Trayne, Cartier and Boogie Bawse make it a family affair as all are related down to the in-house producers G2 and Jet Black Assassin all ready to put Boston rap back on the Hip Hop map. Watch out Jack, Beanstock is on the rise yea yea!!